• The appointed Solicitor will send an enquiry to
  • Mr Hull will review query received.
  • If accepted, Mr Hull's office will email the solicitor back with his T&Cs and link to the website with online clinic availability and CV. The solicitor will be given a guide to report cost and advised if any XRs / scans are required (and costs).
  • When solicitors return signed T&Cs and all notes and records are received, they can request a date and confirm with the secretary.
  • An appointment will be arranged by secretary, then confirmed with solicitors and clients in writing.
  • Secretary will arrange for appropriate questionnaires to be sent out to the client and arrange XRs (which will need pre-payment by the solicitor).
  • Appointment takes place.
  • The report is typed and returned with an invoice within 2-4 weeks of the appointment.

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